About Me

Hi there and welcome to bury me in leaves!  My name is Heidi or as most people call me Heidi Pumpkin Pie. I live with my manfriend and our 2 cute pups, Nehi and Waffles.  

I love sewing, knitting, taking pictures,  my manfriend, my 2 pups, crime t.v., primary colors, and songs with clapping in them.  I love about a million other things as well; that's what this blog is all about: my life adventures, projects I'm working on in my crafty night life, pen pal creations, and things that I find inspiring, cute, and fun.
All the things I blog about are things I really love and want to share with you. I am such a visual person and this helps me to keep it all in one place while inspiring others and making some cute friends and pen pals along the way!

This is me on my 4th birthday: I'm pretty much still a great big ball of sunshine

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Anonymous said...

I wish I knew 4 year old Heidi. But I'm glad I know present day Heidi too. :)
-Ashley T