February 05, 2013

In my mailbox: swap from With Love Jamie!

I recently did a swap with my online bud Jamie from the blog With Love Jamie.  We did a swap of 10 things including 2 handmade items, favorite scents, craft supplies, favorite animal, favorite beauty product, and favorite color.  Jamie is one of the best swappers around! She puts so much thought and care into my gifts and doesn't just slap a bunch of random, terrible things together.  There's nothing worse than spending a lot of time on someone's swap and getting a terrible swap in return (I've had my fair share of bad swaps on swap-bot, no me gusta). 

Jamie sent me an arrow wrap around ring (my favorite new ring!), a giraffe pin she made, green and navy socks, grapefruit burts bees lip balm (I didn't even know this existed! definitely my new favorite; I'm a lip balm junkie),  pink grapefruit soap from the body shop, a wooden thank you stamp (perfect for my etsy shop reopening!), my favorite yarn in really cool colors, adorable felt heart ribbon, a giraffe wind up toy (totally Heidi), the perfect shade of green nail polish, safety pins (finally I won't have to wish I had them and forget to buy them!), and an awesome key necklace she made!   I LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!

Go check out Jamie's blog and etsy shop This Years Love; she is the sweetest girl ever.  She loves mint, sparrows, baking, stacking russian dolls, and all sorts of cute things! 


With Love, Jamie said...

Yay!! Thanks for the post! I will share all my goodies from you very SOON! :) I'm so happy you liked it all! :D

The Cookie Button said...

Wow, you have so many lovely things :) Lucky lady <3