January 10, 2013

2013 Goals

I don't like to set new year resolutions because it seems that they are easier to forget or you end up letting yourself down if you don't accomplish the change in your life.  Instead I like to set goals and make lists of things to do and then work on them one at a time to get them done.  What are your new year goals and/or resolutions?  Are there any that you think you might struggle with? I also must add that I am going to try to use my sewing machine more to make my own clothes.


Nicole said...

Yay! Great list. Here are mine (I copied and pasted from my personal Tumblr... don't know if I've already shared with you... chugcafe.tumblr.com):

keep: working for social justice, meditating, doing yoga, going for walks and getting sun daily (or as close to daily as possible)

improve: guitar, spanish, garden, knitting, crochet, embroidery

make: music, mixed media and political art, a badly needed community forum for my neighborhood, tons of juices and smoothies

find out: if i have any food allergies for once and for all, how to meet my own personal nutritional requirements every day, ways to make school cheap

With Love, Jamie said...

Good goals!!

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

@Nicole, I love how you late out your new year plans/goals! very smart organization and a tangible way to reach your goals!!

@Jamie, thanks! I'm so excited about this year. I also can't wait for our swap! Thursday is payday!