August 19, 2012

A Little Princess

There were certain moments in my childhood that really changed my life and shaped who I am,  as is true for anyone.  As silly as it is, one of those moments was the first time I ever saw A Little Princess (the 1995 version).  After I saw that movie, I watched it about 500 more times and cried every time.  I own it to this day, and hope if I have children of my own they will be as touched by it as I am.   The story is wonderful, and I think it taught me a lot about how to be myself and to be a kind-hearted person even to bullies. After all, they may end up becoming good friends :)
 What was one of your most touching movies as a child?


Nova said...

That book made a HUGE impression on me when I was a kid. The story is the perfect amount of exotic and realistic and fantastic.

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

Nova, I'm so glad you love the book! I should really read it; the movie was so full of beauty and sadness and happiness. Her stories were so magical!