August 13, 2012

My blog has a new outfit!

Welcome to the new bury me in leaves blog!  

I'm so happy about the design work that Amanda Lester at Apple Blue did for me.  She was such a pleasure to work with; she asked questions, listened to what I really wanted and needed for my blog, she took my completely random ideas and turned them into a cohesive, professional display of awesomeness that I can carry into the future of my branding for the blog and etsy shop. I can't say enough wonderful things about Amanda! If you are thinking of growing your blog or business and aren't html savvy, she is definitely the person to talk to.  

I knew I needed to get some help designing my blog to move forward.  My blog was just not inspiring to me, and while it was eh...sort of cute, it was not screaming, "HEIDI! COME UPDATE ME!" 
You can't really be inspiring or helpful if your blog/website is not inspiring or helpful to you. 

Let's take a moment to  view my old layout:

Some random cute background of lined paper (still love it and will hopefully use this image in the future for a project I have in mind)  A header I made with my fake version of photoshop; seriously just an image I took of stuff I like that I was sending to a pen pal and some letters in a font I thought was cute.  My image sizes were not lining up and I had no clue that it was fixable. 

All in all, I was disappointed.  I would look at blogs I loved that were beautiful and simple with plain white backgrounds and think, "If that were my blog, I'd want to update that thing everyday! I'd want to drink tea and read my own blog!"

Now, that is EXACTLY what I have! 
Amanda, thank you again so much for your hard work and for being a pleasure to work with.  You really made the experience wonderful and you never made me feel silly, annoying, stupid about my questions, concerns, or lack of knowledge in design.  I can't wait to work with you more in the future :)


amanda said...

Yippee! You are on your way to great things lady. : ) So happy to have been some small part of that. You're the best! Thanks so so much for the incredibly nice post about our little project. <3 Amanda

With Love, Jamie said...

It looks adorable, and so you!!!