August 16, 2012

Date Day purchases

Today my manfriend and I did some shopping at our favorite local spots.  I picked up a few new erasers for my collection, a few knitting necessities,  and Stephen bought me this ridiculously cute knitting bag that just happened to be a combination of my favorite color and my favorite animal! I can't wait to start another project so I can use my bag.  It has holes so that your yarn comes out of the bag and there is no need to worry about tangles! What did you guys do today?

Macaroon erasers

Ladybug on a leaf eraser

Eggful of teeny tiny dinosaur erasers!

The two cutest dinos; the orange one has stumpy back legs haha


With Love, Jamie said...

Fun! My kiddo would LOVE those dino erasers!! :)

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

I'll keep that in mind ;), Jamie!