July 17, 2012

Recently on my Instagram

my goldfish had braces!

A girl at work crochets creatures and I requested a yellow jellyfish with a red bow!
Her name is Jellybean!

I love setting aside a few hours on my day off to catch up with pen pals <3
It's so much fun to put together fun treasures for my mail friends.

I rearranged my craft room and was getting rid of old stuff;
I found this old drawing I did in high school; it's actually quite large.

Definitely a good lunch!

My friend brought me these stickers as a surprise!
They are so cute, and they are scented!


Barnicles said...

teasing me with cheesy fish! i can't buy them anywhere in the uk so going to order some online after payday! NOM NOM NOM!

I'm organising my craft stuff too, so hard choosing what to let go off, good luck

Barnicles xx

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

aww you don't have goldfish there?? Well you guys have the kinder eggs! I miss kinder eggs so much :)

My craft room is coming along pretty great; I'm very surprised! How is your craft room coming along?