July 24, 2011

the new Bury Me In Leaves

I have accepted that my past blog entries (mostly) are gone. I doubt I will be able to redo the past 2 years, but I hope that you will still follow along with me into the future!

You can expect my blog to resume in August. In the meantime, I will be behind the scenes cleaning up, prepping, and doing some entries here and there.

Thanks so much for your support, and remember to be careful using google+!

p.s. I still love google +; I am just sad that this all happened.



Deer Little Fawn said...

Oh no this is sad, I lost a lot of old photos once when an old laptop broke and I hadnt backed up any files, it was very frustrating and sad because I couldnt get them back, so I sympathise a lot. Thank you very much for the warning on this because I'm yet to join Google+ and am glad to be warned of this in advance I probably would have made the same mistake!

I'll still be following! :)

Consider my dear said...


diane said...

dear sweet heidi, i'm so sorry about all that you lost...i know that must be tough. but i love all that you are and look forward to all that you will create! xoxo

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

Thanks you guys! I truly appreciate all of your support and comments! It makes my day!