February 27, 2011

Secret 1 Revealed!

Hi, so I know I have been keeping secrets and not updating much, so thanks for all of you who are being patient while I do behind the scenes work on my blog and future goals :)

So a secret that I wanted to share with you was that I have been super into learning about makeup and skincare. I have been reading, experimenting, watching videos, etc. on learning about products. It all seems so simple and silly to most ladies, but I didn't grow up being taught about such simple things. I have decided to start a youtube beauty channel for girls like me who are just beginning with these things. My user name is currentlyautumn I think that since I am just learning, I could really help people find things quicker, get the basic info that I had to search high and dry for, and just teach people what I am learning.

I hope that as my blog and youtube grow, you will enjoy my company. I'm sorry I had to keep it a secret :) but it was all a process of getting my plan together and many many lists of how to deal with my blog while still growing as a person.

I hope you will subscribe and thanks for all of your support!


miss indie said...

This is so awesome! I'm definitely looking forward to watching your videos! :]

Sandra said...

you have a very lovely smile

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

thank you ladies! I appreciate your support! <3