January 12, 2011

the cutest coin pouch

As you can see I've redesigned my blog!

I'm in the process of getting a new blog schedule together. I was really sick of my blog, as if you couldn't tell.
For other people new to blogging, you know it's easy to get sucked into the blog world. What should I be posting? What would make me have more readers? How do I keep up? How do I post everyday without boring everyone to tears? These questions beat you up when you first start; they make you not want to update.
I think that my issue was I was too focused on what I thought readers wanted to see, and not focused enough on what I wanted my readers to see and know.

While I'm in the process of organizing, I'll leave you with something cute:

chipmunk pouch by bird vs. bird on etsy


Deer Little Fawn said...

I like your new design, it looks great! :)
And I love that chipmunk pouch, I've had Bird vs Bird favourited on Etsy for a while and had been been to post on them but kept forgetting, their stuff is so cute!

woodlanddreams said...

Cuteness! Redoing blogs makes me happy! :)

diane said...

i love it!

the new design is super cute.

about halfway through last year i threw away the blog schedule and decided i was only going to write what i felt like writing when i felt like writing it.

before that, blogging was starting to weigh me down and bum me out. which was ridiculous because i started the blog as a gift to myself.

i turned it all around by throwing out all the rules (which had filled my head + blocked me creatively) and by following my blogging bliss!


dearkeesha said...

I love the new look, it's feels really nice!

I just found your blog the day before yesterday and I've read the whole thing since then! (I even used your tute for cutting hair to cut my own hair last night and it turned out great!).

I will continue to read as you go on because I really like your blog!

Kezia xx

Holly Knitlightly said...

I'm loving the new look! I think a lot of bloggers struggle with what to write about... I kind of lucked out this year by writing about every single "holiday"! Haha. Although on some days I don't have a whole lot to say (like yesterday.. thesaurus day?) but I think it's going to be fun, trying to figure out different ways to celebrate & everything. You just have to figure out what is fun for YOU. I know that whatever you end up doing with your blog will be fun to read. :)