July 18, 2010

Adventure Time

Here are 2 of my favorite videos EVER.
I'm happy to say that Adventure Time is now an actual cartoon! I still have not seen it because I never have time to watch the Television at a scheduled time.

please also go to iheartegg and watch episode 5! So cute!

This show is totally made for me:


hana said...

Adventure Time is my absolute favorite cartoon! I'm sad I have to wait around for episodes to show up online but they are so hilarious. It's even funnier that Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean and I'm Korean so I understand everything.

The Cookie Button said...

I <3 I love egg ^_^

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

@ Hana I haven't seen any of them yet! I want to watch them all in order, but knowing cartoon network, I'm sure a dvd boxset will come out and they will be mine! alllllll mine! haha

@cookie THE GREATEST CARTOON!!those eggs are so cute!