March 11, 2010

She blinded me with Science

When I lost Banana, my lovely yellow bicycle, I was very very very upset. I got a new bicycle dubbed Science for her silver beat up body and bought a rear basket from my friend. I painted the baskets yellow in honor of Banana.

Since Science isn't the cutest bicycle on the planet, I have been trying to spice her up a bit! So instead of hauling my groceries in the lame mismatched bags I have been using that are getting torn, I got these 2 adorable matching squirrel bags that fit perfectly in my rear baskets! They are cute, useful, recycled, sturdy, weather ready, and the perfect size!

My next mission will be getting a new chain (I was thinking yellow), new handlebar tape (blue?), repainting the baskets and eventually, hopefully, if dreams come true, painting her a nice aqua color like this bike! She really could be lovely with my money, time, and more care. Daydream color scheme:

This guy at the bike shop today said that she was ugly :( . In happy news I should and most likely will have my IMAC by the end of this month! I also am scoring a free printer from my basket friend! :) thanks to my BFF!

Have a lovely day and I will update as soon as I am able again. I need to share my birthday wishes soon!


Morganism said...

Yesssss, that's my summer project - painting my bicycle purple! I have a red chain, red handle bar tape, and red lined tires! I've always really like the red and purple combo! Hoorah!

Amariah said...

I love that you name your bicycles:)

heidi pumpkin pie said...

morganism: that sounds fabulous!! How are you painting yours? Are you sending it to a bike shop? I'm scared bike painting is expensive so I'm looking into painting mine myself. I'm sure google has the answers :) purple and red are fun like a dinosaur! you should name your future bike t-wrecks!

heidi pumpkin pie said...

amariah: thanks! :) I end up naming almost everything I have. My blackberry is named Biscuit. I like naming things, and maybe I'm making up for not having a puppy dachshund haha