March 23, 2010


I haven't been on myspace in forever since the Facebook craze took over. I used to HATE facebook! Here are some personal photos of missed times.

keep in mind this is me now haha:

one of my favorite birthdays:

the best halloween costume i ever made
p.s. i wish i could always look like this haha:

photo hikes with my dad:

my zinefest table (already looking too crafty):

me as a 4yr old!:

a photo of Cheez-It my fisheye lomo:
Aww! Memories are fun. Thanks myspace for reminding me!


Lu said...

I like your fisheye camera. :) These cameras are sooo mazing, I have one myself, just the fisheye 1, but it is only white and black, I haven't bought it in this great color. :D

heidi pumpkin pie said...

I found this one at Urban Outfitters a few years ago. It's sad because I haven't used it in so long! I have a regular fisheye lens for my digital camera that I use most

Amarettogirl said...

Love the zinefest table!! Don't think its too crafty at all - infact add more!! Woo Hoo! OH MY GOSH that little camera is too cute!! and love that you go on hikes with dad - mine is too far away to do do- thanks for letting us get to know you better!