March 25, 2010

Maymont Date!

Today was such an amazing day off. We went grocery shopping early, cleaned off the back porch, and hung new blinds that I found at the flea market for $5. Then we packed a picnic and went to the post office. I sent my swap that I did with Sarah from kaleidoscope explosion. We became picnic camper cutie friends in Style School. The theme was 10+ things that remind you of spring. I'll post photos after she gets it so I don't ruin the surprise! Here are some photos from our picnic at Maymont today:

(please forgive the wine that we spilled on the new picnic blanket!)
these melba snacks are GREAT!

(this blanket is waterproof on the the backside to keep butts dry!)

Go enjoy the weather! Spring is finally here! Make sure to take tons of photos!


merel said...

I Love love love your spring pictures!!! Realy nice. You have a nice blog!

heidi pumpkin pie said...

thank you for the ridiculously sweet comment!

Lu said...

Looks great! :) Wonderful that you enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!

heidi pumpkin pie said...

Thanks Lu! Unfortunately it's cold yet again :(