March 19, 2010


The day has finally come! My computer Hamburger has come into my life! It's so strange because I have never bought something pricey for myself before. It feels so nice to have something that I bought with my own hard earned money that is going to better my life. Here is Hamburger and me in all of our joy and glory!!

What does this mean for you?
I have to start realistically and small to at least 3 times a week, but I want to get to blogging everyday!
Back to putting together my swap package for my styleschool buddy!

indie biz school is so fun and great!!! love


BuenoBueno said...

yay!!! i love my mac i just bought one last year and i love it!! ill never go back to anything else!

heidi pumpkin pie said...

brandi, me too! Everyone thought I was silly for getting one (price) but in the long run I will pay less for things, and it's worth getting what you want when you buy something expensive. I'd rather save/spend the money than get a computer just to have one and complain about how it's not a mac :)

Amarettogirl said...

YAY! Congrats missy congrats - Independent womaN!

diane said...

welcome, hamburger!

congrats on your new addition, ms. pumpkin pie.

it's a beauty and totally worth it.


p.s. i love that you called it "heidIMAC" b/c i call my iphone the "diphone."

heidi pumpkin pie said...

hahaha i love "diphone" it's also kind of like "da iphone"

what sort of collaboration should we do? Do you already have a shop (asking since you are in indiebiz/some people aren't sellers yet)? Do you have skype? We could do a just for fun type of work. we could make 2 quilts or 2 projects. One person does a large bit and then mails it, the other person does a large bit and then mails it back etc. I'm so excited!

Leigh-Ann said...