January 10, 2010

long time, no see!

Hi everyone!
I know it's been an entire month since my last update. ***big fat frowny face** Unfortunately my computer died on me so I'm saving up for that sassy IMAC so for now I'll use Stephen's computer but we have it hooked up to the tv; it's a bit inconvenient when one of us needs the computer and the other is watching a movie! Still, I will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible!

I joined Style School hosted by two crafty ladies I adore Elsie and Leigh Ann. They are definitely inspiring and it's going to be a great opportunity to stay focused and build my personal style as well as get some insight on how to better my etsy shop and just become more of yourself. It's hard sometimes to stand out in a sea of crafty folks especially with (in a good way) etsy expanding. You have to remain unique and memorable while still appealing to people :) it's very exciting.

I'm going to take care of some things and hopefully stop back in to give a real blog entry! I still have not finished my new years goals list, but I do have a lot written down. I don't believe in resolutions just plans.

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