January 14, 2010

5 things that make me

Who are you as a person? As a crafter? How you present yourself to others in person, online, in your home...I think these are all important things. Since starting style school (only a few days ago!) I've been thinking about this a lot. I already have a personal style but it's so sporadic that sometimes I get overwhelmed! I thought to help me with my Style File binder I would pick 5 things that really make me who I am. I always notice patterns, and I can't help but notice that when I look at clothes, shoes, books, accessories, home decor items, etc. that I want to buy they follow the following 5 things (ideas/color schemes)! This must mean something and say something about who I am as a person, a girl, a crafter. What 5 things make you? What 5 ideas/items/other make you crazy with excitement when you think about them?

1. picnics

This is more of an idea. I love picnic inspired vintage, dresses, housewares, tupperware, colors, weather, books, etc! The entire idea of picnics makes me bananas!

2. camping


Camping is up there with picnics. I love the ideas of camping! Vintage campers, tents, teepees to play in, plaid shirts, fishing, rolled up pant legs, dirty knees, climbing trees, campfires!! I get inspired just thinking about it!

3. Back to school


I love office supplies, chalkboards, maps, globes, lunchboxes, new books, new binders, libraries, bookshelves, wood grain, secretary or librarian inspired dresses!, bicycles with baskets, knowledge, group projects, paper, etc.

4. color scheme: aqua, red, yellow, green.

I LOVE these colors together and separately. Red and yellow remind me of picnics as well, aqua and chartreuse are so so cute together. I could mix and match these all day long!

5. Autumn.

At the base of all of these things, I love Autumn with all my heart!

When I think of these 5 things I really think of myself. They influence my life, my clothes, my home, the vintage I adore, and me as a person. I think these convey cute innocence and fun light-heartedness. Now the task is to present these 5 constants in my everyday life. Not just by the clothes or things I like, but in my Etsy shop, in my blog, in my craft room, in general! I hope that style school will help me with this because I have so many ideas and thoughts running around in my noggin haha

have a fabulous day sugar cookies!


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Trains and Sewing Machines said...

What an adorable self portrait! Makes me want to make one :) Have you seen Coraline? It reminds me of her 2nd parents, but in a less creepy way.

heidi pumpkin pie said...

thank you! Yes I have seen Coraline which is funny because after it came out everyone said that this reminded them of it haha My friend Gabe once told me the book reminded him of me, so I think I have some adorable connection to her!