November 01, 2009

November Rain

Good morning everyone! It's finally November!
I can't believe how fast autumn came this year!

At work I won the costume contest for our Halloween potluck! I dressed as Peter Pan and it came out quite adorable if I do say so myself. I don't have any good pictures yet, but when I do I'll post one. Did everyone have a great Halloween?

Today since it is rainy and cold out I'm going to clean the apartment
and do a lot of crafting. Here are some inspirations for today. I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday!

1. Getting ready to make and wrap presents
this forest wrapping is so so so cute!

2. Cozy bookstores I could spend hours reading and exploring

3. I love adorable autumn outfits! I think everyone looks 10 times better in the autumn.

4. knitting is so much fun and it's even more fun when it's cold out

5. warm blankets to wrap up in

6. I love beards! Now anyone can have one! How adorable!

7. I could seriously live in this dress:

8. yummy coffee creme brulee

9. A cute take on decorating pumpkins! These are totally adorable and perfect in many ways!

10. This artwork is amazing; the colors, the rainy day print, the illustration love love

11. Here is an amazing song and video by one of my all time favorite bands, Kings of Convenience. I like how this person used their song! I first found out about them in 2003 and after all this time they never fail to impress me. Have a lovely and productive Sunday!

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