November 08, 2009


Good morning!
It seems like Sundays are the best days to blog for me since I could spend a good hour thinking about inspiration and crafts and making lists. This morning my neighbors are stomping around being obnoxious; I'm snuggling with my pup and making things all morning. I promised myself not to slack off on crafting today since I've felt really down and unmotivated recently.

I'm feeling so much better the past few days, though! Here is something to help you get inspired for a productive Sunday:

Go to Flickr and use it as a search tool like you would
Just search for things that you love or find inspiring
and start feeling much more productive and more adorable!
here are some searches I do almost everytime I feel lacking and need a pick-me-up:

1. craft room:

2. pumpkin harvest:

3. cute robots:

4. wood carving:

5. vintage housewares:

6. cute vintage fabric:

What inspires you? What things do you think about when you are getting crafty? Make a list of ways to keep yourself creative and inspired for when you are feeling drab and overworked. Make a special music playlist on your ipod or computer for when you work, music that makes you happy and productive.


Amariah said...

I definately love doing searches on flickr.. I usually do searches for art or art photography.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...