October 22, 2009

Soooo Busy!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I have been so busy. I went ho
me for a week to visit with my dad. My grandma was put into the hospital, but is home now and is doing better from what I hear!

I'm working on crafting and doing swap-bot packages; but the internet has been ignored lately! Ugh! I'm trying to be better. Really!

Today I went to Maymont Park with Stephen:

While I was home my dad bought me a Blackberry for my very early birthday present!! This is so awesome!! It's so much easier to be connected and more responsive for Etsy/blog/facebook/emails etc.

I'm very excited about everything that is happening and so so so ECSTATIC that it's autumn!

Kings dominion unfortunately got cancelled since it was so rainy. However, I am getting my costume together and will hopefully be carving pumpkins this weekend.

I'm sad more people I hang out with aren't as excited by autumn as I am. We really could have so much fun! I have amazing recipes and ideas for a potluck.

Here is a sneak at one of my new etsy items!

What is everyone going to be for Halloween??

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killerxkim said...

found you via style school!
liking the blog!
kim smith