September 26, 2009

Waiting for October

Hi lovelies!
So this past week has been a flood of inspiration! Between the cooler weather, the pumpkin lattes, and the autumn craft class my brain has been flooding! Thursday I finally spent time starting to organize my craft room! my sewing table is much easier to navigate and with a few piles of things to go through, I'm almost complete! A clean work space is also very inspiring! I have tons of new items coming to my etsy shop soon along with a new photo layout (buried in leaves! get it?) :) I'm so very excited.

Here is a sneak at a new product for my shop that will be listed soon!

I finally finished my 2010 planner here are some photos before I bound it with book rings:

Also here are some sneak peaks at my unfinished autumn craft class projects! I finally got around to starting them. This morning before work I cut out the stuff for my owl and decided on a phrase for my text pillow (which for now is a suprise!):

Another great thing going on is Swapbot! I love all the swaps I'm in right now (all autumn themes of course!) and I love that I come home to a package every now and again that has complete surprises in it. I seriously recommend swapbot if you are a mail lover like myself.

I've also spent a lot of time lately thinking about family and friends. I'm not perfect (no one is), but I really feel I have let some people go that I truly miss along with letting a few people down who have walked away from me. I know you other crafty gals and guys know that it's hard to balance being productive creatively with having hangouts with friends who don't like knitting/sewing/gluing/etc. I've truly gotten to a point in my life where my dreams are becoming realities and I've found myself with only a handful of people to share it with. If you are having issues like this, my best advise that has been working for me, is to open up. I have made phone calls and went to hang out with new people lately and had such a great time, I forgot what it was like to walk away from my crafting to go just be with people! What a great thing!

Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing really well! What is everyone's favorite music for autumn? I have a long list going, but right now I am really enjoying Antony and the Johnsons (who I saw and met in DC last winter) and Kings of Convenience!

p.s. antony is such a sweet, lovely man!


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