September 06, 2009

Cause Your Legs Grow

Good afternoon! I'm having such a great day so far! To begin with, for those of you who don't know me in person, I quit my second job. So now instead of working 7 days a week, I work 5 like a normal girl! Today was my first Sunday off in at least 2 years (with exception if I was sick or out of town on sundays). I woke up late (for me! 630am!), and Stephen and I got our laundry and biked to the laundry mat! I should post pictures of my "new" bike, Science; her baskets and carrying abilities are amazing! After laundry we came home and made breakfast burritos, read the sunday paper, and watched law and order for a bit. Then I went to the gym with my friend Shannon at 11am. I was really glad it was crowded today; I love when it is just close to empty. Now I am doing a bunch of Swapbot stuff and working on new etsy items. I have been making a lot of new things for my shop and have had no time to complete them. I'm really looking forward to having Thursdays to myself to do as much crafting as I want.

In Project Runway news, I'm so glad Mitchell got cut! He was never "in."

I haven't finished editting any photos to put in here, so until next time, check out the title link because fred flare is my favorite store besides modcloth!


heidi pumpkin pie said...

p.s. thanks to a helpful blogger, i learned how to do the links!! thank you so much!

Amariah said...

So happy for you that were able to quit your second job!
I knew Mitchell wouldn't last long..just didn't seem to have what it takes..

Hollie Snow said...

Sounds like a great Sunday to me!

heidi pumpkin pie said...

hollie, it sure was! i think that even if you have the day off productivity is great. my friends always make fun of me for being productive when i should be relaxing

Hollie Snow said...

If you're enjoying what you are doing then it IS relaxing... at least I think so!