August 15, 2009

the sick day

oh wow! where to start? so, today i woke up sick which was a huge bummer. i'm not feeling very hot right now an it's more than 12 hours later. the first thing i should tell you is that my boyfriend is a trash to treasure elf. i have elf powers over the weather and the future, while he can say we need something or really want something, and the alley gods give it to us. so this morning, stephen wakes me up and says, "I have craft trash to treasure for you!" this is exciting because there is no telling what it is. last time it was plastic storage drawers for my craft room that came in sets of 3 on 3 different dog walks! this morning it was this:

tons of yarn/needles/thread/a how to knit book. i'm assuming someone wanted to learn how to knit and gave up? this is what i have seen many people do. they buy all the means to do something then set out to do it, fail and give up. or succeed and don't have time for it in the end. it's sad, but their misfortune is my luck! the story with stephen and treasures in the alleyway trash is so weird, i don't know where to begin. he never digs in the trash or goes looking for things. when he walks nehi, things just are there. when he needed computer chair poof! when we needed an outside table supplies to make one appeared! when i needed organization in my craft room poof! magic plastic bins! we needed a dish drainer poof! one that somehow magically fit perfectly in our sink! i needed paper cutting scissors that were sharp and decent/ poof! martha stewart scissors that are worth 30 bucks and someone had thrown them out! digital camera from early 2000, sunglasses, a bracelet, speakers, speaker stand,'s seriously insane. i told him to make a blog, which he has yet to do, but he does have an album on facebook. if you are interested in seeing it let me know. everytime it happens it's shocking! i spent most of the day watching true crime/murder stories and law and order. i have an obsession with crime stories; people are CRAZY. then this evening stephen made us dinner. it was lemon butter broccoli, garlic red new potatos mashed, and lemon baked salmon. now i don't normall eat meat. i have been a vegetarian for years, but i decided that i would try to eat salmon again and see what happens(i'd be glad to discuss this in detail via email if confusing or debate in need!). it was truly delicious. i doubt i'll eat "real meat" anytime soon after this many years of pretty much no meat.

anyway. tonight is our movie date night which is popcorn and netflix. tonight I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd, whom i will one day marry! (sorry stephen!)

i will hopefully sneak some knitting in! i've also found really great places to get yarn lately =] have a good evening! i hope that i will be back to work tomorrow!


Hollie Snow said...

You will only marry Paul Rudd if I don't get to him first! ;) Modcloth unfortunately does not have a store front....well, it is probably a good thing since I would be blowing my paycheck there too often. Can't wait for class to start!

Hollie Snow said...

OH! And your Etsy store is totally cute as well. LOVE the cracker earrings!

heidi pumpkin pie said...

well i don't know if he would marry me i think he is very short! most of the shops i love should definitely not be brick and mortar or i would be very poor, but ridiculously adorable! i'm really, really excited for this class! have you done an online class before?

p.s. thanks for the compliment! i'm rebuilding my store up, i took a break over the summer due to being so busy.

Hollie Snow said...

I took the last RVA class and it was really fun and inspiring. I loved the last class but (dare I say...) these projects look EVEN BETTER than the last class!