August 02, 2009

how do you spend your time?

Hi! While I was at work today, I thought, "I wonder how my favorite artists/crafters/etsians/buyers/bloggers/musicians, etc. spend their time!" How do people fill up their days so that they feel productive, happy, sane, not burnt out, and still inspired? How do they stay creative, involved in their community, and still hold down a job and have children and make dinner in the evening?

I thought I would layout a few of my days and maybe get response on how others fulfill their time.

I work 2 jobs; this equals 7 days a week with no actual day off from the "real world." I live with my boyfriend Stephen who usually wakes up at 3:30am (not by choice; he has trouble sleeping). He wakes me up at 4:30 or 5am, and I start my day!

On Tues., Thurs.- Sun. I work at my full time job that I love. Not luxurious,, but definitely stable, good coworkers, good bosses, great atmosphere, and I am helping people! I usually wake up, make a pot of coffee, check all of my online site addictions: email, etsy, facebook, favorite blogs, etc. Then I put my face on and get ready for work. I drink coffee during all of this then hop on my bike at 650am and get out of the door after I pack my lunch and breakfast for work. After work I will watch some television or sew or knit. Stephen is the main cook, so usually he will cook and I will do the dishes. P.S. we do not smoke anymore! ***cute!***

Mondays and Wednesdays are my favorite times because I don't have to go to work until 11am! I spend the morning sewing, packing up etsy orders, cleaning here and there, watching television, making a good breakfast and not just a Luna or Lara bar! I hang out with the pup, Nehi; he likes to watch me make things and just follow me around while I do things.

Here and there I have meetings for Richmond Zine Fest

I also have Tuesday night Television with my best friend Grant. We get dinner and watch a t.v. show til late in the evening. Currently we are re-watching Gilmore Girls! Sometimes I'll have zine nights with my friend Jake. Mostly I'm a homebody lately as I tend to be super busy with making things.

Anyway, that is a small glimpse into my life for right now =]

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