August 27, 2009


Hi there! I'm so busy knitting and making things for my etsy shop updates along with working 7 days a week, I just haven't had time to swing by here to make an update or read my favorites! Yesterday my boyfriend, Stephen, surprised me with these cute gifts from RickRack Vintage on etsy!! (title is the link photos taken by seller not me, check it out!!)

I was longing for these items, along with everything else in the shop, for a few weeks. What a cute and amazing surprise mail gift! I absolutely love anything and all things pyrex and I ADORE faux bois (fad or not, it's a trend that will live on forever in my heart regardless of if it's hot in a year or not!). Their designs and high quality make me so happy! Tonight is the next project runway so i'll be up late in anticipation. Also in the land of internet, I "rejoined" swap-bot! I was on there for a long time almost when they first started, then I completely forgot that I had an account! It's gotten 10 times easier to navigate plus the layout with the little envelope is really cute. **********I need help!******* Being new to blogspot, still, I have yet to figure out how to post links! I tried typing the the http:// that did not work. I tried the "link" option in this layout doodad, and THAT did not work... What am I doing incorrectly?? Completely clueless haha! I will do a better update soon with mail updates/etsy updates/self portrait updates/ autumn plan updates/ fashion updates!!! Have a great evening all!


Amariah said...

when I add a hyperlink I highlight a word or phrase that I want to link.
I love those glasses and Project Runway!! It's one of the few reality shows that I can watch.

heidi pumpkin pie said...

thanks amariah! i definitely don't get much into tv (mostly just dvd versions of past shows). i love project runway and design star on hgtv but that's usually where i have to quit with "reality" television haha