August 14, 2009

hooray! i love mail!

i love getting things in the mail!

today i just received my order from

2 amazing necklaces!! they are so impressive in person, and i got one of the last Shere Khan necklaces they had for now!

Today i'm looking at fabrics on etsy and daydreaming of ginghams and calicos, faux bois, joel dewberry, and vintage florals and patchworks. AHHH must win the lottery.

just a fact: to win the lottery one must play the lottery =]

p.s. i feel sick today and very sleepy. i think it's time for lentil soup!

p.p.s. lookout for new bury me in leaves items over next week. i'm editting photos, just haven't gotten them up yet! more vintage wares, and more earrings, new zipper pouches and some cute things that are surprises!

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Hollie Snow said...

I love Modcloth and just learned recently that they are based in Pittsburgh, where I live! How cool!?