August 09, 2009

go fish!

So, I have decided to finally open the vintage section in my etsy shop that I have been forever wanting to start! I have discussed it in depth with myself and others. I didn't want to have a vintage shop(not right now anyway); i just wanted to sell vintage goods that I would want to buy. Things that I find adorable or completely cute!

Etsy has been a dream come true so far, and yet I feel like I have just started. I started selling on Etsy a year and some change ago. It has been nothing but fun, productive, and fully beneficial to me.

I hope that you other Etsy sellers love it as much as me. Thanks each and every person who has purchased from me for helping my dream come true a little bit more each day. Also, I'd like to thank anyone who shops on etsy for supporting diy, upcycling, recycling, and a handmade world. Making things is very important to me and living in a place where things are being used and not wasted is a very small, simple idea with big results.

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